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The Financial Daily 10/7/24
The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) being given to understand that the government was mulling about closing 4 ministries to cut expenses, significant amongst them are Industries and Production ( MoI&P) and Science and Technology (MoS&T) as reported has urged the government to merge them both with the Ministry of Commerce rather than closing it.
Zulfikar Thaver president UNISAME said Commerce, Industry and Technology are very closely related to one another and by simply increasing the scope of Mincom the other two ministries can be accommodated without any setback. In fact it will come under one roof.
The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority comes under the MoI&P and it can after the closure of the MoI&P be placed directly under the cabinet division for more focused attention or better still it can be wound up and replaced by an SME Bureau which can outreach the SMEs and look after its promotion and development from all angles including exports, transfer of technology, joint ventures, collaborations and start ups and do away with hierarchy issues which were impediments.
It is very pertinent to note that the Mincom is now under Jam Kamal Khan the federal minister and a very experienced federal secretary Sauleh Farooqui and his secretariat and the business community is looking forward to their best attention and dedication for fast track promotion and development of commerce and industry which are considered the two wings of the economy.

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