Facilitating Exports

Those SMEs desirous of exporting their products of goods or services may contact us for promotion in international markets.
We are in a position to book orders for the SMEs for the following items:
1. Foodstuffs namely Rice, Spices, Commodities, Juices, Jams, Jellies, Marmalade, Confectionery, Precooked foods, Canned items.
2. Textiles. Apparels, Fabrics, Denim Jeans and Towels, Bed sheets, Bed linen and other items.
3. Light Engineering Goods including Fans, Washing Machines and Electrical Goods like Cables, Switches and others.
4. Relief Goods like Tents, Blankets, Bedding, Jerry Cans, Dehydrated Foods and Survival goods.
We are in a position to find buyers for you in various countries of the world.
We also request buyers around the world to contact us to find for them reputable manufacturers and exporters in Pakistan.