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100-day agenda for new govt….ALI SALMAN EXPRESS TRIBUNE

Feb 26, 2024 |

It will provide a trigger for economic growth without any major investment ISLAMABAD: It is natural that citizens and voters build up expectations from a new government to deliver them relief. A newly elected government, which will hopefully take the reins soon in Islamabad, will also be under pressure to make such announcements, which can […more]

There’s need to focus on economy Business Recorder 25/2/24

Feb 25, 2024 |

Farhat Ali Business Recorder 25/02/24 Breaking a two-week impasse following elections, Pakistan’s political power-brokers, after extensive negotiations, have reached an agreement to form a new coalition government with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) to lead the centre supported by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) at a price. PML-N to form the government in Punjab, PPP in Sindh, […more]