Step motherly treatment to fishing sector howled….The Financial Daily

Step motherly treatment to fishing sector howled….The Financial Daily
7th May 2020
KARACHI: The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has convened a conference call meeting scheduled for 7th May with Small Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA), UNISAME and experts from the fishing industry to discuss upgradation of various segments of the fishing industry, says a Press release.
President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver said all fish which could be caught by us, goes away to neighbouring shores because we are not equipped with big vessels, refrigeration and matching netting facilities.
He invited members who are in the fish exports, launch owners, processing units and other stakeholders to join the conference and promised to advocate their cause.
He said Pakistan cannot afford to neglect fishing and due to overlooking the need for modernization the country is losing foreign exchange and the top position as international fish supplier. If fishing is modernized it will also meet the domestic requirements. It will create employment. The country has the best fishermen, best boat makers and the best harbours.
Thaver even invited those bankers or leasing companies interested in financing the fishing industry for purchase or lease of modern fibre glass vessels or renovating old boats to participate.
Akhlaq Hussain convener and Yasir Abbas member UNISAME Council will enumerate the requirements of the sector for revival of the fishing industry.
Hashim Raza the chief executive officer of SMEDA and Mukesh Kumar provincial chief SMEDA recognizing the scope offered full support for the sector and endorsed the views of UNISAME that with more attention and focus the fishing industry could become an outstanding source of food, exports, employment and several other related industries could be promoted.
The government is facing tough times due to paucity of funds and foreign exchange and this is the best opportunity to supply fish to the world and also meet domestic demand.
The foreign suppliers of ships are prepared to give us vessels on deferred payments and long lease, let us avail the facilities and pay as we earn.
Fortunately UNISAME, SMEDA and the associations have come forward and under their shared leadership the sector sees hope and fulfillment of dreams.