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The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises ( UNISAME) sought advise from SME experts and invited them to suggest how best SME uplift could be achieved on fast track from grass root level.
Zulfikar Thaver welcomed experts namely Shaukat Hassan, Shahid Badami, Hussain Ali, Komail Hemani and other members who participated.
Thaver pinpointed the potential of communities and said with help and support of UNISAME and SMEDA they could stimulate the sector.

Shaukat Hassan the keynote speaker highlighted that Pakistan has great potential to grow economically, however, political instability and economic challenges have posed unprecedented hurdles, which have created financial issues, not only for the government in general but for the masses in particular.
Whilst the Government could try various options for economic uplift, It would be prudent to explore an option to aid people through community based centers.
He suggested a Private & Government joint collaboration for economic uplift.
He applauded the philanthropists in Pakistan where substantial philanthropic work is channeled through community based centers.
He said Karachi has seen some good work being done at community level; the Khojas , the Bhora community, the Memon community and others have done remarkably well.
These community based philanthropists largely focus on providing education and healthcare services. The Government could think of a scheme model and engage with these communities to come up with a joint private / government partnership model through SMEDA and UNISAME for education and/or skill development schemes which could translate to economic benefit for the people and ultimate benefit would go to the community and Pakistan as a whole.

He added a quick fix and lucrative sector could be the IT sector, which offers great potential. A perfect example is our neighboring country where they have heavily invested in the IT sector, and are now reaping rich benefits.

The government through a joint venture with communities would allow resources to be channeled appropriately, monitored for accountability. The people would have easy and quick access to funds for their various propositions, which otherwise would get stuck in bureaucratic maze.

Hence a joint community level partnership could offer a solution for faster economic uplift he concluded.

Shahid Badami also stressed on skill development, IT training and education. No community can ignore health care he said. He looked forward to guidance from SMEDA and UNISAME for the communities.

Hussain Ali emphasized the need for SME desk in every community.

He urged marketing and technical support and said every jamat must have a technical institute to impart technical education so that youth instead of becoming riders and couriers could learn skills.

Komail Hemani advocated scientific approach for education, skill development, health care and SME promotion and development.

The participants passed a resolution to impress upon the policy makers to redefine the poverty line to make it rational, just and fair taking into consideration the inflation.

The Union chief felicitated Socrat Aman Rana on behalf of himself and the sector on taking charge as CEO SMEDA and assured him of full support and co-operation from the sector. He hoped the CEO SMEDA would have an early meeting with UNISAME to comprehend the issues and the urgent need for remedial measures.

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