Dec 12, 2014 |
The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) advised that the best business for new entrants is value addition and urged the new entrepreneurs to enhance the value of services,produce, products and livestock by innovation in packing, processing and product upgrading with the help of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) and reap the benefits of entrepreneurship. The Prime Minister’s Youth Loan Scheme (PMYLS) is also supportive except that the applicant has to be lucky in the ballot but it is expected that the PMYLS would be broadened to include every deserving applicant having a sound business plan.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver explaining the salient features of value addition concept elaborated that the value addition business can be done according to the investment portfolio of the new entrant and in cases where the funds are low and the entrepreneur wishes to begin on a very small scale then the new comer can start with simple packing units and buy in bulk and pack the goods in different measures.

The second step for entrepreneurs having some funds would be processing the goods like grading, cleaning, polishing and then packing.

The third step for those having sufficient funds would be enhancing the value by change in characteristics and features by dehydrating, freezing, separating and classifying according to requirements of the consumers.

There is scope for value addition in the entire supply chain and the entrepreneur can play a role from the farm level to the outlet point and as far as services are concerned in offering improved premium services and after sales services as well.

UNISAME chief pointed out that there are opportunities in every field and SMEDA can guide according to the budget and aptitude of the new entrant and suggest opportunities in seed processing,poultry, dairy, livestock, fish farming, frozen meat, vegetables dehydration, fruit pulp preparations and for those desiring services in IT, logistics and consultancy services.

He stressed the need for the fresh graduates to come forward and enjoy the blessings of having their own business and set up small units to begin with to gain experience and seek help from SMEDA, PCSIR, Engineering Development Board, SME Bank, Micro finance banks and other institutions which are ready to help new comers for selection of trade according to their education, experience and aptitude.

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