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SME sector is backbone of economy, says Thaver
11/1/2017 Financial Daily
KARACHI: The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) wishes to remind the policy makers that the SME sector is the majority sector, the backbone of the economy, the engine of growth and the vehicle of employment and cannot be neglected or overlooked under any circumstances, says a Press release. Zulfikar Thaver president UNISAME said the sector needs land at concession on easy payment terms. It needs finance at affordable mark up with access to finance. The sector needs uninterrupted energy and raw material and packing material with 0 duty. The sector needs an export promotion bureau and a chamber of commerce of its own. It also needs a technical institute to train the entrepreneurs and arrange for transfer of technology. Credit guarantee Insurance facilities at low premium and commercial property leasing facilities to procure offices, workshops, warehouses and factories. Logistics facilities and cold storages and dehydration plants are required. It is indeed sad and unfortunate that the government knowing fully well the requirements of the sector is going at snail’s pace. It was expected that the PMLN government which is business friendly would give priority to SME promotion but it did not uplift the sector as much as expected. He urged the prime minister (PM) to make the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) strong and increase its size and scope and provide funds for its project and enable it to cater and reach the SMEs. The Union chief also invited the attention of the PM to the sufferings of the SME farmers who are victimised at the hands of the middlemen. The UNISAME Council also lamented that the micro entrepreneurs have to pay high mark up and called for reduction in rate of mark up to make it affordable.

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